Warm and sustainable care with smart
sensor technology

Warm and sustainable care with smart
sensor technology


Caring technology

Remote care monitoring for vulnerable target groups focusing on prevention and well-being.

Social commitment

Warm and sustainable solutions for everyone involved in care.

Affordable and reliable

Remote care monitoring that everyone can afford, sustainable in development and robust in use.

Safe and respectful

Data are secured and not shared. Monitoring of care needs and unusual situations while maintaining privacy.

Optimal experience

Modular care technology solutions that support both individual and assisted care in the best possible way.

Made in Europe

All our design, development, and innovation are proudly performed in Belgium.
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VITAL is a smart solution that goes beyond personal alarms with a focus on the wishes and well-being of the elderly. Both at home and in care centres, VITAL offers the perfect solution for efficient and warm care. The system comprises a plug-and-play building block of sensors and an accompanying intuitive care app.

Safe care technology solution that supports individual and assisted living.

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PANDA is a smart, latest generation baby phone. Smart alarms alert you to unusual situations so you can intervene quicker and always have peace of mind. Because of smart sleep predictions and targeted personalisation, Panda provides outstanding support for the well-being of baby, toddler, and parents.

Smart baby monitoring for peace of mind.

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TELEVITAL is a communication and service platform that facilitates remote care with the help of personalised smart technologies. TeleVital thoroughly simplifies administration and enables personalised communication. Thanks to the online platform, interventions can be managed in real time, allowing the carer to focus on primary care tasks. The well-being platform that prevents rather than cures!

Better to prevent than cure!

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Combining Machine learning and enhanced sensing expertise to enable Data Driven Services. Our dynamic machine learning model increasing the accuracy of preventive action and offering more personalised information and services to decisions. Our applied models and cloud services provide information to act to better serve the future and customer experience.

We turn digital sensing into action.

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