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Time for cordial care

Automatic notification in the event of unusual situations and calls in the residential care centre or service flat, managed in a tailor-made manner and shared in a group. You are not alone. Tailor-made care for the resident to optimise the individual well-being.

patentedCARE SET Plug & Play

VITAL at work - building blocks

Sensors with built-in alarm button

Care station with or without automatic listening/voice connection

Wireless audio sensors wherever you want

Sensors with built-in alarm button

Portable care button

Stylish housing for the push button

Building blocks

Installation or conversion kits for wall mount are available for the portable alarm buttons to install them in rooms, shared toilets, ... in short, anywhere you want. No wiring is required and the convenient conversion kits fit in all usable standard flush-mounting boxes.

The VITAL set ensures a secure connection, but also guarantees your own safety. VITAL can be seamlessly linked with other care platforms.

Vital aan huis

CARE APP Realtime follow-up

The care app provides a clear view of the activity of the resident. You decide which activities and alarms must be followed up.

- Secure connection
- Tailor-made to suit the resident

CARE NETWORK Manage your network

VITAL is fully digital and can easily be linked to the alarm centre of your choice. The feedback is immediately saved with the handled alarm.

Via a notification for each alarm, you can directly monitor who took action and what the situation is. During each alarm, the listening/voice connection can be activated.

Care button

CARE BUTTON Always assisted

The wireless care button is a smart assistance button for the caregiver in a residential care centre. When pressed, the colleagues on duty are notified. Thanks to the care button, they immediately know where to find you.

Everywhere Simple and quick

The care set operates wireless and does not require an internet connection. All info is sent in real-time to your desired mobile device. Quick and simple plug & play system.

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Luister spreek verbinding

The listening/voice connection during an alarm also works everywhere. You do not require an extra telephone or subscription.

Respect for the resident With us, the dependant person always has the final say

  • Before any care set is activated, the consent form (Informed Consent) must be digitally approved.
Multiple displays with VITAL
Multiple displays with VITAL
  • The data is secured and is not shared with anyone else. Only the information on the care clocks is made available to the personal care network.
  • At any time, the resident can switch off the care station or enable its privacy mode. In the latter case, only pressing the push buttons will still be processed.
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