Our core team has decades of hands-on, custom manufacturing experience. This experience runs the gamut from packaging, injection molding, software engineering, homecare and consumer electronics. We have conducted extensive research, built numerous iterations of fully functioning prototypes, tested, and received ongoing feedback from field tests and experts.


Stefan Debois Senso2Me

Stefan Debois

Wilfried Philips Senso2Me

Wilfried Philips

Ben Schueler Senso2Me

Ben Schueler

Philippe Willocx Senso2Me

Philippe Willocx

Andras Koloszar Senso2Me

András Koloszár

Rita Sebok Senso2Me

Rita Sebők

Joost 't Hart Senso2Me

Joost't Hart

Richard Kleihorst Senso2Me

Richard Kleihorst

Alain Van Buyten Senso2Me

Alain Van Buyten


A group of friends got together and found they had something in common: older parents that are healthy but a bit frail and living alone. All of the friends knew the stories you often find in the newspaper about elderly that fell and had to lay for days before help arrives. These friends knew each other from scientific projects where inventions are being made to help elderly. They noticed that while for scientists nothing is ever finished, yet for children of elderly parents: "Good" is good enough. And they decided to bring a good new invention into the world to help families take care of their older members. The invention helps them to let them live life longer safely in their own home. Allowing them their hobbies, familiar environment and avoiding the large costs of elderly homes. Last but not least improving the family communication and awareness. The friends also realized the urge for privacy by the elderly, and they succeeded: a new product that makes sure your elderly family member or friend can live safe, a simple product, secure and private. Now on the market!



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