Simply plug the care station into a power outlet - it just starts working. Then place activity sensors around the home. We recommend to place the sensors at in most frequently visited areas. The red lighted sensor in the kitchen, the green lighted sensor in the living/dining room, the blue lighted in the bathroom, the white lighted in the sleeping room and the yellow lighted sensor focusing the entrance door. Activate the dashboard and Click2Call Me by clicking Login in the menu bar. No home internet connection or phone line is required. It’s that simple!
In the corner of a room. This gives the sensor the widest possible range of view so that it can cover the greatest possible area. We generally recommend that you place the sensor so that the front button does not face a window. Do not place the sensor pointing to a heater or source of heat (such as a washing machine). The sensor should not be pointing directly through a door to another room. With the exception of the yellow sensor which should be looking at the front door.
The care station can be placed anywhere in home, you just need a power source to connect. The care station is low powered – power consumption is only 2 watt. If you have internet, please use the UTP cable included in the package and connect to the care station. If no physical internet available, the care station will automatically activate the mobile connection. When not using an internet cable, make sure that the location you choose is covered by a mobile phone network.
Private login to a secured access display from any computer, tablet or smart phone. All data is collected on data servers hosted in Belgian/Europe with respect of the EU Data protection Directive. All our products are Belgium made and compliant with EU legislation (CE). The collected data is supervised by our association Senso2Care vzw advisory board.
Reminders/alerts can be easily set on or off on the dashboard control page. The dashboard can be set on/off. The care station switches on automatically when the power is connected. It can be set to "private mode" at any time by setting the switch to "0". Data will not be send to the server in "private mode".
The wireless sensors are moisture resistant and can be placed outside.
You just order one, the care station will automatically recognize the new sensor or key ring. You just need to confirm the location in the dashboard. One care station can support up to 40 sensors simultansously.
More care stations can be installed and managed in one dashboard. Please contact customer care for more information.
It depends on the pricing option you ordered. When you purchase the product, only a small monthly fee is charged to cover the data services and mobile data connection.
Launch Chrome for Android and open the website or web page you want to pin to your home screen. Tap the menu button and tap Add to homescreen. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.
Launch the Safari browser on Apple’s iOS and navigate to the website or web page you want to add to your home screen. Tap the Share button on the browser’s toolbar — that’s the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward. It’s on the bar at the top of the screen on an iPad, and on the bar at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu. You’ll be prompted to name the shortcut before tapping the Add button.
Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to the website you want to pin, pull up the app bar — for example, by right-clicking or swiping up from the bottom of your screen — and tap the star icon. Tap the pin icon, enter a name for the shortcut, and click Pin to Start. The website will appear as a tile on your Start screen.
The care station will reboot and recover the data. It’s automatic. We will notify you if we detect unusual hub behavior.
The LED of the sensor will light. As long as the alert is not activated on the dashboard, no message will be sent. If activated, SMSes and/or emails can be send to specific persons.
The radiation energy is a million times smaller than a cellular telephone.
The product will be available at pick-up points or shipped to your registered address. Shipment costs are not included in the price.
The product is designed to work in the European Union without any problem. A small additional fee for data services will be charged in a pay-as-you go service outside Belgium. Please inquire Customer care.
- Click Login in the menu bar and register your username and password
- Confirm location of sensors (made easy in a plug&play fashion)
- Turn on/off reminders, alerts
- Activate the Click2Call Me service: Family members
- Turn on/off reminders, alerts (not included in basic dashboard – subject to additional service fee)
All sensors and key rings have a coverage up to 20 m indoor from your SENSO2ME care station.
All sensors have long lasting batteries that are designed to last for years. The batteries will last for at least 2 years. You will get a notification anyway if battery is low. Sensor/battery recycling is managed by Customer care.
We recommend to place the sensors at in most frequently visited areas to capture valuable information to better care. The red lighted sensor in the kitchen, the green lighted sensor in the living/dining room, the blue lighted in the bathroom, the white lighted in the sleeping room and the yellow lighted sensor focusing the entrance door. You can easily re-allocate the sensor to another location on the dashboard. If you put a sensor in the garden, please keep in mind that all motions will be triggered.
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